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Survey of Interactive Media Class in Mozilla Hubs

Middle Tennessee State University Interactive Media

(April 2022, November 2022, April 2023)

As part of the Spring 2022 section of IAM 2500: Survey of Interactive Media, course instructor Carla Swank Fox led a completely virtual session using the open-source platform Mozilla Hubs. Several students joined the session from their own personal devices, while others watched live on a projected screen in the classroom. Guest lecturer C.C.Chapman, Senior Professor of Practice in Business and Management at Wheaton College, shared his experiences in creating virtual worlds through his avatar in Mozilla Hubs.

After the success of this initial exploration, students in subsequent semesters have had the opportunity for similar experiences. In Fall 2022 and Spring 2023, all students were required to join the course via their own devices. This led to some connectivity challenges and interesting discussions about the effectiveness of virtual worlds and a potential metaverse.