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A fresh start

Sometimes, we all just need a fresh start. A refresh, as it may be.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. How many times have we said during the midst of a stressful week that we’re looking forward to the weekend for a chance to refresh and recharge our batteries? Probably more times than any of us would like to admit.

This is my fresh start. Today, I relaunch and refresh my site and blog and hope to share helpful tips and tools as you work to find and build and communicate through your content strategy.

So, let’s jump right in.

Sometimes, our content is also in need of a fresh start.

Maybe it’s time to add a new approach to your blog or consider adding another topic that you’ve been thinking about writing about for a while.

Maybe it’s worth re-reading the content on your website and freshening it up a bit. It’s amazing how a simple edit and refresh of your pages can really revitalize your website and brand.

Maybe it’s time to ask someone else to read what you’re posting to give you an honest critique.

Maybe it’s time to finally take the jump and add one more social media channel to your strategy – or maybe it’s time to let one go and focus on the one or two that are really working for you.

Take some time and think about what you’re publishing. Does it need a refresh? What do you need to do differently or let go of?

It may be a scary proposition at first, but a refresh may be exactly what you – and your content – is looking for.


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